Indiana secretary of county speaks election safety, redistricting

For almost five weeks, Holli Sullivan has-been offering as Indiana’s 62nd secretary of say.

Back in March, Sullivan exchanged previous Indiana assistant of say Connie Lawson whom resigned from the situation after nine a long time.

Sullivan is in the middle of a statewide hearing trip through all 92 counties in Indiana and sat straight down for an interview making use of the Times-Mail previously this week.

As being the assistant of say, Sullivan can serve as Indiana’s primary election policeman.

Sullivan took note which hearing journey would be to make use of the simple fact that there aren’t any elections this year and talk to neighborhood selection officials in Indiana’s counties.

“In my opinion the biggest roles We have should increase voter esteem since assistant of status,” Sullivan believed. “A good way we are going to conduct this is to get results even more in combination with this regional selection officials because we’ve this runway in 2021 to do that before the second selection in 2022.”

Employing nearby elections authorities, Sullivan observed, assist maintain protection and transparency later on elections.

“(Indiana’s) elections procedures is secure, truly transparent which is seeing remain like that,” Sullivan stated.

She went on to say that there are some “safeguards” ready to aid shield the ballots of Hoosiers through the condition.

“to enable them to posses poise that when they choose, his or her vote is definitely measured and measured appropriately and rapidly,” Sullivan claimed.

Some of those safeguards that Sullivan outlined include voter I.D. statutes, voter write servicing, voting appliance qualifications and post-election audits.


Not too long ago, leadership for the Indiana regular Assembly happen internet group meetings for the state to permit Hoosiers to participate within the redistricting procedure for seats across the nation House of agents, Indiana Senate and Indiana House of Representatives.

With redistricting info supposed to end up being released from the U.S. Census agency now, your time and effort will quickly get into higher tools to ensure that maps might drawn in time for applicants to file for 2022 elections.

Sullivan observed that the routes happen to be anticipated to be approved at the beginning of drop through the Indiana regular system and then the guidelines shall be signed by Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb.

As soon as closed by Holcomb, the assistant of status’s company will act as a conduit associated with the know-how to nearby selection offices.

“we are going to the cause of sharing those brand-new phrases,” Sullivan mentioned. “Our company is dealing with products seeing that we will be giving our very own regional election representatives to ensure that it makes that move from aged outlines towards brand new outlines much easier.”

Different aspects of tasks

Even though many anyone may start thinking about Sullivan’s character as the county’s primary elections policeman as her greatest career, the workplace addresses a diverse workload.

Other locations within Sullivan’s workplace are the companies service department, automobile supplier business department, investments department including hallmark and notary subscription.

The assistant of state’s company works the IN|BIZ webpage, that is definitely in which people begin in Indiana, Sullivan noted.

“Inside the IN|BIZ site, you want to streamline certifications for minority-, women- and veteran-owned organizations,” Sullivan explained. “which is a highly regarded consideration, to ensure that we’re able to assist are available alongside those organizations and allow them to posses a streamlined procedures in order to immediately begin making an influence within their group.”

Through the automobile supplier treatments department, Sullivan mentioned the consideration regarding the assistant of state’s office is usually to be a conduit connections within the production discipline and dealerships through the entire status.

In the office’s securities unit, white-collar crime through the county try explored.

Sullivan explained them office try attempting to shield Hoosiers from investments fraud and increase monetary literacy throughout the securities division “to ensure we’re able to secure Hoosiers by produce an attitude of real information around economic literacy over the say of Indiana.”